Our Story

How we met... we don't remember! We probably met sometime during middle school. #Goodtimes. However, this is our earliest memory together.

The scene:

Alex calls the Perkins family landline to talk to Kyle. Corey answers.

Corey: "Hi, this is Corey."

Alex: "Hi, this is Alex, is Corey there?"

In unison: "...this is Corey?" "Ahh... I meant Kyle."

*Brings phone to brother*

*Relationship postponed for 5 years*


Not technically our first date but roughly 5 years after *the phone call* Alex came over to The Perkins residents to again... hang out with Kyle.

Kyle and Alison were on their way out to the hardware store when Alex came over.

Instead of inviting Alex to go with them, they shouted to Alex as they ran out the door:

"Oh, this is perfect, while we're gone, go ask Corey if she wants help painting her room!"


To Corey, Alex is still just, "one of Kyle's friends."

Corey is not expecting Alex.

Alex is not an enjoyer of awkward situations.

This is an awkward situation.

Alex knocks on door

Alex: "um... hi."

Corey: "Ah!"

Alex: "Sorry... uhhh your brother and mom told me to come help you paint?"

Corey: "Oh, hah... yeah that makes perfect sense. Sure! Grab a brush, I'm on this wall."

Corey and Alex paint.

Kyle comes home and runs upstairs to get Alex.

Alex goes to hang out with Kyle.

Spark ignited.

Fast Forward


The puppy love era: We are young and in love. We can do no wrong. We want to elope.


The Long Distance Era: Alex is studying abroad in Costa Rica. Corey is taking a gap year with AFS in Argentina. They write each other a lot.


The "Mind the Gap" Era: Better we keep this light

October 2012 - July 2017

The Australia Era - The kids went to figure things out across the globe/Alex got a job in Australia, Corey went to visit him and never left. Lots of adventures, learning and love.

*Australia Highlights*

Made some life long friends

Spent a lot of time outside

Had some cool jobs

Saw some of the world

Got engaged (Singapore, top of the ferris wheel. Feel free to swoon and also know that it was 1/4 as romantic and at least 40% more awkward than what you're imagining).

July 2017 - present

The adulting era: *Surprise* We're back! Corey and Alex surprise their parents pretending they were coming home for a visit... but actually moved back! They lived with Corey's parents until they purchased their first home together in January.

We are missing some people and pieces of Australia and are settling back into US life with a whole lot of wonderful people that we love!

The Wedding

Saturday, September 8, 2018
3:00 PM
Attire: Semi-formal / Cocktail
Ceremony and Reception
Maine Lakeside Cabins
1008 US-201, Caratunk, ME 04925, USA

All guests have full access to our wedding venue, Maine Lakeside Cabins. Here you may sign out kayaks and canoes, rent pontoon boats, ATVs, Jet Skiis and more. Or you can just hang out and/or play some volleyball and lawn games. Feel free to take advantage of the day leading up to the wedding ceremony which will start at 3pm.


3:30-5:30 - COCKTAIL HOUR